“It is rare to hear this kind of blues performed so authentically this far north. His music moved me. Johnny Never is the real Deal” - Barry Pugh, President, Central Delaware Blues Society 

Johnny Never and John Colgan-Davis at Jamey's House of Music

Johnny Never and John Colgan-Davis at Jamey's House of Music

"Some artists adopt a persona to use on stage to promote their music, But John Carleton AKA Johnny Never, has crawled into the skin of acoustic blues greats from the Piedmont to the Delta, and gives authenticity to the music that he has studied, performed and loved for so many years - so much so, that he is the spiritual son of many names both famous and long forgotten. His concerts with Philadelphia blues harp man John Colgan-Davis are redolent of Carey and Lurie or Sonny and Brownie, complete with the engaging backstories. All the old classics are performed with an easy elan, and their originals have a familiar and timeless ring. Catch these contemporary masters live if you can, you'll be glad you did."- Jamey Reilly, Jamey's House of Music

John Carleton, (aka Johnny Never), is probably the most refreshing thing I’ve heard this year, where blues is concerned.  A superb guitarist with a knowledge of vintage blues that goes much farther than just scratching the surface, Johnny hit the mark with tune after tune.  From straight-ahead covers that capture the sound and feel of the original recordings to wildly reimagined covers that manage to stay well within the realm of vintage blues, I was thoroughly impressed.  What was perhaps even more impressive were the eight original tunes that made up the bulk of the album.  They, too, had that flair and sophistication that is normally associated with vintage blues.   The covers are all done with reverence and “tender loving care”.  That same attention to detail was given to the originals as well.  This one gets my highest recommendation.  This one reminded me, in many respects, of Leon Redbone.   – Bill Wilson Blue Reflections Magazine

"Johnny's latest offering (BLUE DELTA) shows him as one of the fine Delta style blues players around today.  If you love your acoustic blues, definitely one for you to check out!"   On air December 15, 2020  
- Steve Hoare,  The Blues Lounge, Bradley Stroke Radio,UK

“... the Johnny Never Band could drive into a groove and play all night. Forget jam bands like Phish; the bluesmen were the original jam bands. The talent and authenticity of Never transported the audience to another time. When the show was over, it was 2011 again but the past was still ringing in our ears.” - ”

— Newtown Dispatch

Never Home is an exciting roots music CD featuring the gutsy blues of Johnny Never and the Solar Pimps (The Johnny Never Band). With Alan Lewine as its upright bassist, Johnny Never and the Solar Pimps is an all-acoustic roots blues band performing authentic Delta, Piedmont, and Eastern Texas Blues in addition to inspiring original Blues songs.”

— Jeremy C. Baguyos - Sounding Board Magazine