Guitar Lessons

Custom designed lessons

No matter your current level, if you love the old-style fingerpicking guitar of the Delta and Piedmont masters, I can teach you how to replicate those sounds and make them your own.

There is no right way to play the blues.  Each player has his or her  own approach, feel and sound. Mimicking someone else's song exactly is pointless. Capturing their spirit, and being able to "ad-lib" is essential to really owning these old blues.  I teach the way I learned, as a creative and inquisitive person, listening and watching and absorbing.  This music is not about math or music theory, it is about soul, feeling and listening.

I will evaluate where you are as a finger-style guitarist and devise an program for you to meet you at your level.

> Custom in person lessons either live or via Skype

> Customized video lesson recaps, with details of the fingerings and patterns I will show you in the live lessons.

>I will teach you how to listen to the whole sound and learn how to draw out the details so that you can be playing old style guitar convincingly.